JPS company is developing the E-BIKE electrically operated bicycle driver

JPS-E-BIKE feature:

(1) changing the voltage frequency conversion technology, brushless motor speed control with sinusoidal current

(2) low speed start is steady,bicycles will not be a brief pause,the peaceful,Smooth acceleration process

(3) string wave frequency conversion promotion motor efficiency, the despinning ripple

(4) accurate electric current loop circuit can provide the accurate output torque, provides the start acceleration hill climbing to need the torque

(5) accelerator response immediate

(6) control mode: Speed control order/moment of force control command/moment of force vs speed oblique line curve control command

(7) three-stage booster mode setting, can be set separately each of the maximum speed limit and the output torque limit is not shaking power curve

(8) automatic pattern < not to need footboard signal, does not need torsion sensor signal >, when the files position cuts into the automatic pattern, when the vehicle speed reaches above 5km, enters the automatic pattern,When the brake deceleration when the vehicle speed is less than 5km, automatically from the automatic mode

(9) by the parameter setting battery discharge rate limit (× 1C)

(10) driver interior computation already to consume the electrical index (Ah)

(11) driver interior computation to consume the electrical index (Km/Ah)

(12) Priority low throttle cruise function

(13) Single mileage / total mileage memory function


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