Tiyuyongpin 37th Taipei International Show

第37屆 台北國際體育用品展覽會

  Frequency of exhibitors this year is the Taipei International TiyuyongpinExhibition Gallery on April 29 to May 2 ~, at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Gallery,

our booth is the booth L501 L area.

The exhibition is the latest development of the dedicated controller 2RTMx series treadmill.

2RTMx series treadmill with a dedicated controller AC induction motor or permanent magnet brushless motor,

low speed range up to 0.1km/ Hr. Different from previous treadmill, low speed high torque,

Used for medical rehabilitation, closed loop control can achieve a wide speed control range.

Weight loss body sculpting is not limited to, are consistent with the needs of the modern treadmill is a treadmill of non-dedicated controllerSecond choice.

2RTMx series features special controller running machine

RS-485 communication interface for easy integration on a treadmill control panel Containing up, down module suitable for multi-speed treadmill adjusted parameter settings can scale up and down Low speed high torque high withstand severe(400lbs;182kg)

SceneOur lovely pink electronic dog run after the ball way to show our 2RTMx Series Treadmill dedicated controller The stability of low speed control.

During the exhibition attracted many domestic and foreign firms eye on 2RTMx Series Treadmill special interest control, and we talk, exchange business cards, in-depth understanding of our control.


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