China International Industrial Automation Technology and Equipment Exhibition


The Guangzhou, China International Industrial Automation Technology and Equipment Exhibition is organized by a 3-year exhibition, exhibition in Pazhou Complex, China Import and Export Trading, and exhibition booths for the B221.

The main commodities for the CANopen


COINS Driver Features

  • Designed with 32 bits hgh performance microcomputer.
  • With one CAN and two RS-485 communication ports. Providing access to whole drive parameters by using CANopen protocol via CAN nterface and Modbus-RTU via RS-485 interface.
  • Support Cia 402 defined standard VL,PV,CSP control modes.

VL:Velocity Mode

PV:Profile Velocity Mode

CSV:Cyclic Synchronous Position Mode.

  1. Position feedback via absolute / incremental encoder.(SSI interface optional)
  2. Applicable for PM servo, Brushless AC motor, nduction AC motor.
  3. 3 Phase 220V series:0.4〜22.5kw
  4. 3 Phase 380V series:2.2〜22.5kw

PICASSO Hardware Features

  • Hardware
    • Designed with 32 bits high performance microcomputer.
    • Three standard communication ports, 2 RS485 and one CAN.
    • 26 programmable medium speed software DIs.
    • 29 programmable high speed soft / hardware DIs.
    • 3 programmable high speed DOs.
  • Software Features
    • Generating speed, torque, position commands via CANopen protocol.(Cia301)
    • Able to control up to4 CANopen slave drives.
    • Easy to be integrated with other CANopen supported I/O, encoder module on the field bus.
    • Changeable master speed source from software switch.
      1. External quadruple clock input.
      2. Software simulation.


  • Track the location of features included, can follow the external pulse, multiplication and division than the proportion of independent parameters can be set
  • Includes point to point positioning, multi-position can be independently set / length
  • Point to point positioning, acceleration and deceleration curves can have planning, also with four turning point modification can reduce machine vibration


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