IRIS-BLAC Technical Bulletin

IRIS-BLAC Technical Bulletin

Recently, some customers happen IRIS-BLAC models, during operation or just getting machine, there is no Servo-On, it happened A0-PG.

Actual test conditions, should be in Pr.352 (Motor Angle) is approximately equal to 0 degrees near occurs PG.
In fact, the reason is because the filter filter too much: Pr.359: (Encoder-Filter) = 15
Therefore, the correct fix is to modify please: Pr.359: (Encoder-Filter) = 7.
And re-open electricity.

Details, please refer to:

     1. Pr.359 are hidden parameters, JOINT-PROGRAMMER's Database is invisible,
         JPS operator panel can be used to make changes.
     2 This version of the program has nothing to do with the technical bulletin.

Causing constant, asks contains
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