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File Name Version File Size Release
JYL Dimension Specification 828KB 2013-12-18

Auto CAD

File Name Version File Size Release
JYL6S148 CAD 121KB 2013-11-28
JYL6S148(Brake) CAD 117KB 2013-11-28
JYL7S76 CAD 121KB 2012-03-30
JYL7S76(Brake) CAD 121KB 2013-11-28
JYL7S92 CAD 121KB 2013-11-28
JYL7S92(Brake) CAD 121KB 2013-11-28
JYL9D112 CAD 123KB 2013-11-28
JYL9D113(Brake) CAD 125KB 2013-11-28
JYL9D130 CAD 123KB 2013-11-28
JYL9D130(Brake) CAD 123KB 2013-11-28
File Name Version File Size Release
JYL9D160 CAD 123KB 2013-11-28
JYL9D160(Brake) CAD 124KB 2013-11-28
JYL13S75 CAD 127KB 2013-11-28
JYL13S75(Brake) CAD 128KB 2013-11-28
JYL13S95 CAD 126KB 2013-11-28
JYL13S95(Brake) CAD 128KB 2013-11-28
JYL13S115 CAD 128KB 2013-11-28
JYL13S115(Brake) CAD 127KB 2013-11-28
JYL13S155 CAD 127KB 2013-11-28
JYL13S155(Brake) CAD 126KB 2013-11-28
File Name Version File Size Release
JYL13S235 CAD 127KB 2013-11-28
JYL13S235(Brake) CAD 127KB 2013-11-28
JYL160600 CAD 136KB 2013-11-28
JYL17B100 CAD 130KB 2013-11-28
JYL17B100(Brake) CAD 134KB 2013-11-28
JYL17B200 CAD 130KB 2013-11-28
JYL17B200(Brake) CAD 134KB 2013-11-28
JYL17B300 CAD 129KB 2013-11-28
JYL17B300(Brake) CAD 133KB 2013-11-28
JYL17B300T CAD 129KB 2013-11-28
File Name Version File Size Release
JYL17B300T(Brake) CAD 133KB 2013-11-28
JYL17B400 CAD 132KB 2013-11-28
JYL17B400(Brake) CAD 133KB 2013-11-28
JYL180500 CAD 134KB 2013-11-28
JYL210400 CAD 131KB 2013-11-28
JYL210600 CAD 130KB 2013-11-28

Interface Cable

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