Taipei International Machine Tool Exhibition


Participating in this 2011 Taipei International Machine Tool Show, in Taipei, Taiwan Museum of the WTO Third, booth number G Area G0206, mainly developed by the display of our new products: IRIS BOOKTYPE and CAMIO

Below:IRIS BOOKTYPE                 Below:CAMIO                                  


  • Built-in PID feedback control
  • Track the location of features included, can follow the external pulse, multiplication and division than the proportion of independent parameters can be set.
  • Includes point to point positioning, multi-position can be independently set / length
  • Point to point positioning, acceleration and deceleration curves can have planning, also with four turning point modification can reduce machine vibration


CAMIO  Features

  • 10 Digital Inputs
  • 16 Digital Outputs
  • 1 CAN(CANopen)
  • 1 RS485(ModBus RTU)
  • 2 Encoder Inputs
  • 2 Clock Inputs
  • Channels:8 Fast Input / 2 Very Fast Input.




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